Bennett Controls

Bennett Controls began in 1958. The oil boom in Texas prompted the development of a remote-shifting device for transmissions on oil field equipment. This equipment was approved by the transmission manufacturers and is still widely used in the oil field today.

The Bennett Shift Control positions the transmission selector shafts by air or hydraulic pressure precisely as the transmission manufacturer intended and provides positive feedback to the driver for range indication.

Bennett Controls supplies shifters for various markets depending on the requirement of the customer. Bennett Controls have been installed on buses, refuse trucks, concrete trucks, post digging equipment, oil field equipment, timber trucks and airfield equipment just to name a few applications. There are even remote shifting options available.

The Bennett Control is designed for trouble free shifting of automatic and power shift transmissions.

Remote Control Operations

We have custom designed a remote control unit for Bennett Controls.

It allows for the operator to be located up to 500 feet away from the transmission. By operating from a distance, the unit can be in a hazardous area while the operator is a safe distance away. This is very useful in situations like well sites where H2S gas or other dangers may be present.